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Stream High Plains Drifter Movie Online Streaming No Downloading and paying anything. High Plains Drifter is Western,Drama,Classics Movie and released on Aug 22, 1973 Wide on Theatres. Now, You able to stream this leaked Western,Drama,Classics movie streaming free in HD within . "Who are you?" the dwarf Mordecai (Billy Curtis) asks Clint Eastwood's Stranger at the end of Eastwood's 1973 western High Plains Drifter. "You know," he replies, before vanishing into the desert heat waves near California's Mono Lake. Adapting the amorally enigmatic and violent Man With No Name persona from his films with Sergio Leone, Eastwood's second film as director begins as his drifter emerges from that heat haze and rides into the odd lakefront settlement of Lago. Lago's residents are not particularly friendly, but once the Stranger shows his skills as a gunfighter, they beg him to defend them against a group of outlaws (led by Eastwood regular Geoffrey Lewis) who have a score to settle with the town. He agrees to train them in self-defense, but Mordecai and innkeeper's wife Sarah Belding (Verna Bloom) soon suspect that the Stranger has another, more personal agenda. By the time the Stranger makes the corrupt community paint their town red and re-name it "Hell," it is clear that he is not just another gunslinger. With its fragmented flashbacks and bizarre, austere locations, High Plains Drifter's stylistic eccentricity lends an air of unsettling eeriness to its revenge story, adding an uncanny slant to Eastwood's antiheroic westerner. Seminal western hero John Wayne was so offended by Eastwood's harshly revisionist view of a frontier town that he wrote to Eastwood, objecting that this was not what the spirit of the West was all about. Eastwood's audience, however, was not so put off, and an exhibitors' poll named Eastwood a top box-office draw for 1973. ~ Lucia Bozzola, Rovi .If You Like this movie you can streaming High Plains Drifter movie No downloading HERE This movie directed by Clint Eastwood and writed by

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High Plains Drifter Movie Actor

Clint Eastwood,Verna Bloom,Marianna Hill,Mitchell Ryan,Jack Ging,Stefan Gierasch,Jane Aull,Walter Barnes,Paul Brinegar,Richard Bull,Reid Cruickshanks,Billy Curtis,Robert Donner,Ted Hartley,John Hillerman,Jack Kosslyn,Geoffrey Lewis,Russ McCubbin,Belle Mitchell,John Mitchum
Rating & Critics From Visitor For High Plains Drifter User Rating High Plains Drifter Movie : 3.8
User Percentage For High Plains Drifter Movie : 83 %
User Count Like for High Plains Drifter Movie : 34,565
All Critical Rating For High Plains Drifter Movie : 7.7
All Critical Count For High Plains Drifter Movie : 23
All Critical Percentage For High Plains Drifter Movie : 96 %

Genres High Plains Drifter Movie : Western,Drama,Classics

High Plains Drifter Movie Review

As a director, Eastwood is not as good as he seems to think he is. As an actor, he is probably better than he allows himself to be.
Richard Schickel-TIME Magazine

Eastwood's second directorial effort is mechanically stylish.
Variety Staff-Variety

This was supposed to be Eastwood's fond adieu to the worlds of Sergio Leone and Don Siegel; and indeed he cuts the operatic excess of the former with the punchy economy of the latter.
Derek Adams-Time Out

Part ghost story, part revenge Western, more than a little silly, and often quite entertaining in a way that may make you wonder if you have lost your good sense.
Vincent Canby-New York Times

Clint Eastwood's first Western as director is rather fascinating due to its quasi-supernatural component.
Jeffrey M. Anderson-Combustible Celluloid

One of the best Westerns of the 1970s.
-TV Guide's Movie Guide

Whatever the reasoning, it is a gripping work, harsh and ahead of its time.

Eastwood registers strongly as actor and director of this revenge Western (yet another critique of High Noon), with a style that's influenced by his mentors, the economic efficiency of Don Siegel with touches of Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns
Emanuel Levy-EmanuelLevy.Com

Clint Eastwood is the ultimate thinking man's cinematic killing machine.
Brad Laidman-Film Threat

Savory Eastwood western.

Clint Eastwood's second film as a director -- and his first western -- is a minor classic.

Clint's a supernatural amoral mythical hero (of the pulp novel kind), bent on cruelty and getting revenge for a past misdeed.
Dennis Schwartz-Ozus' World Movie Reviews

Paint the town red, Clint. It's your strangest and one of your best westerns.
Steve Crum-Kansas City Kansan

High Plains Drifter will make an excellent double bill along with Eastwood's other post-modern Western, the 1992 Unforgiven.
James O'Ehley-Movie Gurus

There's some nice action here, and the whole thing is cloaked in an archetypal spookiness that makes High Plains Drifter work not only as a 'man with no name' Western but also as something a little deeper.
James Rocchi-Netflix

Dark, bloody, and uncompromising; the ultimate deconstruction of the Western genre.
Rob Vaux-Flipside Movie Emporium

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